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Are Herbal Cigarettes Safe?

Herbal cigarettes are safe as compared to tobacco cigarettes as they don’t contain addictive and harmful chemicals. Herbal cigarettes’ history dates back to thousands of years. Over the course of time herbal cigarettes replaced by addictive smoke like marijuana and tobacco because of dependency causing substances. Learn more about smoking herbs and safety.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Legal?

Herbal cigarettes are completely legal to buy and keep. Because of it contains herbs no restrictive laws are applicable.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Good?

Herbal cigarettes are good for both who are addicted to tobacco and not addicted to tobacco. Herbal cigarettes are best for who wants to quit tobacco smoking.

Are Herbal Cigarettes Addictive?

No. Unlike tobacco, herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine which is the primary substance responsible for causing dependency.

What Herbs Are in Herbal Cigarettes?

Different brands made herbal cigarettes with different herbs. Most common herbs are mint, basil and clove. Learn more about herbal cigarettes ingredients.

Why Smoke Herbal Cigarettes?

For those who are addicted to tobacco smoking, smoke herbal cigarettes to tweak your brain to believe that you have smoke. For non-addicted, smoke to refresh the mind and relive stress, anxiety etc.

What is the Point of Smoking Herbal Cigarettes?

Logic of smoking herbal cigarettes is to have feeling of smoking although without tobacco. This gives you satisfaction of smoking and helps to ward off nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Do Herbal Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

Herbal cigarettes’ smoke does not contain carcinogenic substances. Hence it is least likely to cause cancer.

Do Herbal Cigarettes Give you Buzz?

Instead of buzz herbal cigarettes give you refreshing feeling in your mind which leads to better concentration, stress relief etc.

How much do Herbal Cigarettes Cost?

Government’s duty and restrictions on herbs are much lower as compare to tobacco cigarettes. Hence herbal cigarettes cost much much lower.

How to Use / Smoke Herbal Cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes should be smoked as normal tobacco cigarettes.

Do herbal cigarettes have side effects?

Herbal cigarettes are least likely to produce any side effects because they contain herbs known for positive effects on mind.

Do herbal cigarettes help with anxiety?

Yes and it depends. Different brands use different herbs. Depending upon the herbs used in the cigarettes, they do help relieve anxiety. Herbs known to relieve stress are basil, cinnamon and clove.

Do herbal cigarettes have nicotine?

No. Herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine. Herbal cigarettes contain herbs like basil, mint, clove, turmeric, cinnamon etc.

Which herbal cigarettes are the best?

It depends upon your choice. In terms of efficacy, cigarette that contain basil, bishop’s weed, cinnamon and saffron is the best herbal cigarette.