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Can Herbal Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

Can Herbal Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

It is obvious to arise various concerning questions in one’s mind when the person learns about herbal cigarettes for the first time. Primary factor is safety concern. People usually ask, are herbal cigarettes safe? the very next question arises in mind is do herbal cigarettes cause cancer?

Well, first you need to understand what is cancer? What causes cancer? And then you will get the answer.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of diseases, and the disease is characterised by abnormal growth of tissues. Our body is made from skin and skin is made up of zillions of tissues. These tissues require energy and nutrients to be alive.

At some part of the body, formation of new tissues grows abnormally and exponentially. These tissues start consuming energy and nutrients. This affects normal functionalities of other tissues.

What Causes Cancer?

There are certain types of substances that are known to cause cancer. These substances are known as carcinogenic substances. A person develops cancer when he/she continuously consumes carcinogenic substance.

So, there two factors that cause cancer; carcinogenic substance and duration of consumption. You are highly likely to develop cancer if you intake carcinogenic substance for longer.

So, does herbal cigarette cause cancer?

No. Herbal cigarettes contain least number of carcinogenic substances. Also, because herbal cigarettes contain non-addictive herbs and tobacco, they are not addictive. Hence you smoke very less as compared to tobacco cigarettes. Thats why herbal cigarettes are least likely to cause cancer.

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