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About Herbal Cigarettes / Herbal bidis

We believe these FAQs are very much crucial in many ways such as promote confidence in those who wants to quit tobacco addiction, clear doubts, building trust and help addicted people to join a de-addiction movement.

Herbal cigarettes are alternative of tobacco cigarettes smoking. It tricks your mind about having satisfaction of smoking.

Herbal cigarettes help quit tobacco addiction by curbing craving caused by nicotine.

Herbal cigarettes are not addictive as they don’t contain elements that cause dependency. Herbal cigarettes contain various herbs that are known to have calming effects in brain.

Depending upon the research and testing various brands use various combination of herbs to provide best experience to the customers. Most common herbs are basil and clove.

Assuming you are already smoking tobacco cigarettes, herbal cigarettes are completely safe as herbal cigarettes works exactly like tobacco cigarettes.

Purchase Related Questions

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