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Use of Marijuana Will No Longer Treated as Police Matter


Use of Marijuana Will No Longer Treated as Police Matter

Montgomery county sheriff, Marcus Jones, has said that smoking marijuana in places like codons, apartment buildings and parking places is no longer a police matter. That is because recreational marijuana became legal in Maryland on July 1st.

Jones further added that his department’s officers are having continuous discussion with officials of state’s attorney office about county’s way of dealing with the issue of smoking cannabis post its legalisation.

It is to be noted that before Maryland, D.C and Virginia are two states that made recreational use of marijuana legal. But going a step further, Maryland will also see opening of retail trading of Marijuana.

Clarifying on buying and selling, Jones said that one could legal buy or gift but can’t sell it.

As of now, his department has not started strict execution on buying and selling, however, the that must be done in future.

Montgomery has demonstrated history of responding to complaints of marijuana smoking in condos and apartments. But from now on, according to Jones, his office will not respond to such complaints.

Health experts and industry advocates welcomed the move of Maryland, some groups are wary about hazardous effect of inhaled smoke which has same effects on health as cigarette smoking. The advocating group argues about positive effects of ingredients and legality of herbal cigarettes.

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