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Istanbul: Hookah Smoking Banned in Public Places


Istanbul: Hookah Smoking Banned in Public Places

Istanbul authorities declared ban on hookah smoking in public spaces to ward off risk of wild fires and other damaging effects. However, the ban is not because of hazards health effects. Cigarette smoking is already banned in public places across Turkey.

As Governor (Davut Gul) of Istanbul said, in a notice, that smoking shisha (hookah) in public places like tourist places, beaches, parks and forest has been banned in order to reduce risk of forest fire.

It is to be noted that licensed hookah parlours located at distance from those area will keep operating as usual and the ban is not applicable to them. herbal cigarettes

Environmental and serenity rather than health effects are primary objective of the ban. There has been no recent or past incidents of accidents caused by hookha.

Smoking hookah is quite popular among teenagers and tourists. There are many popular cafes and lounges to smoking hookah across istanbul.

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