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Smoking Herbs

Smoking Tobacco vs Smoking Herbs, Evaluating Safety


Smoking Tobacco vs Smoking Herbs, Evaluating Safety

Herbal smoke has been used for centuries for various purposes such as spiritual, cultural, and medicinal practices. However, traditional tobacco industry is pushing hard against smoking herbs as an alternative of smoking tobacco. Because of that concerns have been raised about the safety of herbal cigarettes. Therefore, the topic of evaluating the safety of herbal smoke has gained traction in recent times. The safety concerns associated with herbal smoke mainly relate to unknown compounds present in the smoke that may have adverse health effects.

To evaluate the safety of herbal smoke, proper research studies are needed to examine the chemical composition of herbal smoke, identify any potential toxic or carcinogenic compounds, and test the smoke’s effects on human and animal health. Such studies would help to determine the exact safety profile of herbal smoke and may lead to recommendations for safer usage practices, such as reducing the amount of smoke inhaled or avoiding certain herbs that may be more harmful.

In last reading we briefly learnt about common herbal cigarettes ingredients. In this reading we will do comparative safety between smoking herbs vs smoking tobacco.


Tobacco contains nicotine which is a dependency causing compound. This leads you to smoke more often resulting to addicted to tobacco smoking.

Herbs do not have any addiction causing compounds.

Feel Effect

Tobacco smoking gives you momentary high feeling when you smoke after long time e.g. in the morning. However, subsequent smoking do not have any such effects.

Herb smoking gives you calming effects every time you smoke.

Health Effect

Smoking tobacco has long list of hazardous, from cancer, lung diseases to heart diseases.

Smoking herbs may not be healthy but is healthier when compared with tobacco smoke.


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