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German Health Minister Proposes to Ban Smoking in Cars with Kids and Pregnant Women


German Health Minister Proposes to Ban Smoking in Cars with Kids and Pregnant Women

Karl Lauterbach, the incumbent health minister of Germany, is pushing smoking ban in cars with minor and pregnant women passengers.

The minister is expected to present the draft to German cabinet after consulting other concerned ministries.

As of now there is no law regulating smoking in cars, hence it is legal in Germany. This comes at an important time when Lauterbach is also pushing to legalise recreational cannabis smoking. The minister is arguing that the ban will further cement the Non-smokers Protection Act.

Germany will be the sixth country in the world and second country in EU to impose nation wide ban on smoking in cars. Australia, South Africa, France and UAE already have such ban. Delaware is the one USA state that has recently banned smoking in cars herbal cigarettes.

What is in the proposed ban?

According to the minister, the ban will further ensure protection to non-smokers from health hazard of passive smoking. Smoking is already ban in civilian transportation facilities.

Health experts says that passive smoking is proven to impact one’s health because of presence of smoke in compact space.

The draft has said that there have been many studies that had proven that passive smoking causes many serious health issues such as heart diseases, COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), stoke and sudden death in infants.

The draft suggests ban on cigarettes smoking, vapes and cannabis.

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