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Royal Swag Cigarette Premium 5 Packs / 25 Cigarettes Clove

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About Royal Swag Cigarettes

Royal Swag is tobacco less and nicotine free herbal cigarettes alternative of tobacco cigarettes smoking. It is one of many herbal cigarettes brands. Further more, the cigarettes do not contain and additives and are made up of pure herbs that have soothing effects on brain. Quit smoking is difficult for many people because of nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Herbs used in Royal Swag cigarette help curb cravings for smoking.

Royal Swag Regular Flavor

Royal Swag cigarette comes in total four flavors. Namely; regular, clove, mint, and mix fruit. The flavor of the cigarettes help in eradicating smoking smell as well as bad breath.

NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy

As per W.O.H, NRT is enjoys higher success rate among other quit smoking methods. Royal Swag is also an NRT i.e. smoking nicotine free / tobacco free cigarettes. 

What are the Royal Swag Cigarettes Ingredients?

Helps To Quit Smoking: Non addictive – Contains no addictive substance. The World’s First pungent herbal formulation blend in Herbal Cigarette, It helps in decreases nicotine craving symptom and helps to quit tobacco smoking.

Royal Swag Herbal Ayurvedic Cigarette works by Inducing senses of calmness and well being resulting in concentrated mind.

Quick Facts about Royal Swag

  • 100% tobacco free and nicotine free.
  • No added additives.
  • Made from herbs such as clove, Liquorice, tulsi, green tea and cinnamon. It it the easier way to quit smoking and a better alternative of tobacco smoking – nicotine cigarettes.
  • Available in 4 flavors.
  • Curbs nicotine craving resulting in getting rid of desire to smoke tobacco cigarette.
  • Relives various nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as stress, depression, relentlessness, irritation, difficulty in sleeping etc.