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Nirdosh Cigarette 5 Packs / 100 Cigarettes

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About Nirdosh Cigarette

Nirdosh cigarette is one of the brands of herbal cigarettes. It is tobacco less and nicotine free cigarette made from natural ingredients.

What are the Ingredients of Nirdosh Cigarette?

The ingredients list is:
Turmeric, Basil: (Holy Basil / Sacred Basil), Indian Cinemic (Cinnamon), Cloves,  Liquorice, Indian Badellium, Bishops Weed, Tendu Leaves.

About Ingredients

All the above ingredients have a special place in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties that help to get rid of cough and cold, therefore it also benefits in respiratory issues. This herbal cigarette is the only cigarette in the world that is hand-made with filter at the end and uses Tendu leaves. So, when you order any Herbal cigarettes from any part of the world, you can see the difference and you will instantly like the look and feel of Nirdosh herbal cigarettes.

Nirdosh has been manufactured with a lot of love and care to make a product that everyone should like. It has all the ingredients to be the world’s best Herbal Cigarette out there.

Are Nirdosh Cigarettes Addictive?

No herbal cigarettes are addictive so do Nirdosh. Primary reason tobacco is addictive is it contains nicotine which causes dependency by altering receptors activities. None of the Nirdosh ingredients cause dependency.

How Nirdosh Helps to Quit Smoking?

Like many other herbal cigarettes, Nirdosh helps curb craving by tricking your brain into having satisfaction of smoking.

How Does Nirdosh Work?

Smoke of herbs gets into blood stream and reaches to brain. Primary objective of Nirdosh’s formulation is to curb various withdrawal symptoms such as stress, irritation, restlessness, anxious and difficulty in sleeping. Herbs used in Nirdosh are known to target these symptoms. For example Basil calms nerves resulting in stress relief. Tendu leaves are quite similar to tobacco hence produce somewhat similar effect as that of tobacco.